Building Custom Kayak, Canoe & SUP Racks Is What We Do

We've been part of the paddle sports industry for many years. Most of which has been retailing canoes and kayaks and paddle sports accessories. After selling someone a canoe or a kayak or multiples of either one, we usually get a familiar question. "How am I supposed to store these things"? 

Using our simple rack system will greatly increase the life of your cottage toys allowing you to use them for many years to come. In fact, by taking care of your boats properly they will likely outlive you! Some of the benefits of using our rack system includes: protection from direct UV sun rays, from wind, from extreme winter snow loads, from boat-hall dishaping, keeps boats ad miscellaneous cottage toys in a neat and orderly fashion. We also provide necessary ground preparation prior to rack installation. If your rack location is not on a dock or a flat surface, you will require ground preparation and landscaping. Whatever it is, be it complete concrete pad or simply levelling off the ground finished with wood chips. We provide all ground preparation services. 

Storage Rack Benefits

  • Protect your cottage toys
  • Protect from UV sun rays
  • Protect from extreme winter snow
  • Increase the life of your canoe, kayak or stand up board
  • Allows you to enjoy your cottage toys for years to come!