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Seattle Storage Rack Solutions

View of Puget Sound and your racks.  Seattle in far distance.
"We absolutely love our 2 new 3 Rack setup from Jeff and his team at Storage Rack Solutions. We use it at our beach house on Puget Sound near Seattle to store our kayaks, canoe and SUP's. They look great, and keep our beach clean!"

"Jeff and Jay made us a beautiful rack!!

We are so pleased to be able to organize all our paddlesports toys in such an attractive manner!! Is a great addition to our cottage dock !!

Thanks again Storageracksolutions.com !"



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"Jeff built us a beautiful rack! It looks great, was easy to set up all at a good price."



Want to give 5 stars of 5 to Jeff at Storage Solutions. We have a cottage and have been steadily growing our arsenal of water toys - 2 paddle boards, 2 kayaks, and a canoe. We have been searching for a storage solution for 3 years finally thinking about building one ourselves because we couldn't find a solution that met our needs or our budget. We live in Boston, Massachusetts and always start off cottage season flying to Toronto to meet our cottage friends for the big Cottage Life show in Toronto in March. Waking the floor this year we saw the perfect solution at a dealer selling kayaks. We learned about Jeff from the dealer. Jeff was very responsive and for a small additional fee came to our cottage for a consultation in July. He delivered a beautiful rack for all our toys a few days later. It was well built and a great value based on searching the web and other dealers. We used the rack for about a week and decided we wanted to try a different location. It was very easy to move and now we have the perfect spot on our beach. Instead of our beach being full of boats it is now open for chaise lounges and castle toys. Tucked away in the corner is our efficient and easy to use "boat" rack. We learned that Jeff is building other much needed cottage storage solutions. Can't wait to see them." 




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"Hey there. It's Tim Wright. Loving the rack!"


“Just wanted to say GREAT JOB! Thanks so much for hooking us up.  Your workmanship is amazing and your quick build time of just 3 days is unheard of in Muskoka.”


“Thanks Jay and Jeff for a job well done. It’s so nice to have all our canoes, kayaks and paddleboards up off the dock and organised out of the elements.  Aesthetically the roofed rack is beautiful and we have had many compliments on it from dockside gawkers.”


“Quick service, very personable and professional.  We are glad that we went with Storage Rack Solutions instead of buying an on-line generic rack that wouldn’t have met our needs like the custom rack that was build directly to fit our canoe and paddle boards.”


“Outstanding guys! We ordered a custom freestanding 4 rack and was shocked when I got a call from Jay 2 days later telling me that the rack was built and ready for pick-up.  I picked up the rack and Jeff showed me how easy it was to slip into the back of my SUV.  Great product and amazing service. Highly recommended!”