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For any combination of
4 canoes, kayaks or SUPs.

For any combination of 4 canoes, kayaks or SUPs. The 4 rack is beautifully handcrafted from spruce or cedar. If your boats are stored indoors you can choose spruce. For all other outdoor storage applications the wood of choice should be cedar. The 4 rack holds 4 boats, whatever the combination. For example, you may have 1 canoe and 3 kayaks. Perhaps you have 2 kayaks, 1 canoe and 1 SUP. You tell us which boats you wish to store. We will make your rack to accommodate your personal boat combination. Our racks are free standing which enables you to pick your own rack destination and makes for easy removal or relocation. 
Available in cedar or brown pressure treated.


  • Pickup: in Muskoka
  • Delivery in Muskoka: please contact us to arrange for rack delivery to your location in Muskoka. A $50/hour fee applies for storage rack deliveries, with a $50 minimum.
  • Shipping: fees not included, contact us for exact pricing to your location outside of Muskoka. This is a shippable item within Canada and the U.S with some dimensional limitations.